Crickets meets Siemens

The Italian software technology joins the Siemens IOT2040 hardware to create a new series of intelligent and always connected objects, more than one HMI / scada and a gateway: a door in the future

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xvisionIOT: a gateway to the future

More than just a scada and a simple gateway, xvisionIOT combines the hmi / scada functionality with those of gateway to cloud systems.
A real gateway to the future, which acquires, aggregates, displays and transports data. An essential connector for every industrial application.

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Open IoT Architecture

The world of Internet of Things is in continuous and frenetic evolution, only a truly open architecture can keep up with innovations...

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Connectivity behind firewalls

Communicating from the outside with devices behind a firewall is often a problem. The customer is reluctant to open ip ports or has no one able to do so.
The are many solutions on the market, but they require the purchase of a specific router. xvisionIOT is designed for integration with remote control software, thus eliminating the need for fixed ip and firewall opening.

Remote configuration

When the appliance is located on a remote site it is important to be able to reconfigure and update it without going to the site. xvisionIOT can be reconfigured and updated via the Internet, easly from your office..

Email notifications

The timely reporting of anomalous conditions is a key component for achieving and improving the level of service.
xvisionIOT is able to send mail over a secure connection to groups of operators, immediately notifying anomalous situations.

Data logger

xvisionIOT allows time and event recording of measurements and states. Recording takes place in a persistent manner and the data can then be shown in the form of historical trends. The operator can download the archives securely via SSH.

Green = Savings

xvisionIOT uses less than 4 W of energy. It is the "green" choice of supervision systems.

Low power consumption and outstanding performance! Web clients have the same performance as those managed by servers with a PC architecture.

A great energy saving, at least 25 times less than a normal desktop PC! Our solution allows you to save over € 160 of bill per year: also consider this in the cost of our solution and you will appreciate the huge (also) economic advantages.

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