Professional gateway. Easily configurable. Cross-platform.

The gateway for everyone

xvisionIOT is a new generation of software for Industrial IOT gateway, characterized by an open and powerful architecture but simple to use.
Designed for industrial automation, xvisionIOT combines its robustness with extraordinary data acquisition speed and its routing to multiple destinations.

Cloud connectors

Bidirectional data exchange with MES, ERP and Cloud management systems is guaranteed by the connectors for OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus Tcp and Restful Api.

Cross Platform

xvisionIOT can work with Windows and Linux, even in the embedded YOCTO versions. Perfect for those who want to run it on their hardware platform.


xvisionIOT is based on the proven proprietary X Vision industrial technology from Crickets Automation, with over 80 years man development.
Since 1991 our software has been helping companies to keep under control plants and machinery installed in automation systems of all kinds.

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xvisionIOT is designed by putting security first. In fact, it uses standard web technologies with secure HTTPS and TLS connections, the same as online connection with your bank.

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