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27 novembre 2018

Industrial IOT and Industrial Automation

more connected

The Internet of Things becomes increasingly pervasive, with forecasts of billions of connected devices in the coming years. Data collection in the cloud and Artificial Intelligence are no longer remote possibilities but are becoming an immediately usable reality.

Even Industrial automation is no exception to this process of always-connected objects. In the brain of the machine (the PLC) lies precious information that is not currently used, and which, if brought to light, could significantly improve the management of the machine and production.

Often the data of a lot do not survive the lot itself, or downtime information expires when the machine is switched off or the lot is changed. Further information on operating statistics on machine cycles remains hidden or not easily accessible even to the manufacturer.

The PLC itself does not have enough space to store all this information. The good news is that today technology allows collecting this information, aggregating, recording and distributing it in a selective way. Moreover, the cost of storage has significantly decreased and it is possible to collect large amounts of data in a substantially economical way.

The data lakes are given the ability to store structured and unstructured information, provide analysis tools for Big Data and enable access and sharing of data.

Gateways are the link between machines and the cloud: they collect and pre-process information in a simple way, projecting it directly into the cloud or on-premise servers. Multiple gateways can cooperate in gathering information and offering Edge computing functions useful for data aggregation.

Crickets Automation has always been involved in the creation of standard industrial software for the acquisition and processing of information coming from machines and plants. Our cross-platform gateways are scalable and easy and secure to use. At any time you can do upscaling by moving to a more powerful platform without adaptations to the original project..

Would you like to know more or do you have an IOT project? call us freely or write to us. We will be happy to check the best solution for your needs.

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