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15 marzo 2018

Extract more value from your machines with the Internet of Things!

The data has great value, but must be extracted from the PLCs and then distributed in a relevant manner to the recipients. How to extract and make this information available?

Where to place data for the department manager, maintenance, and managers? Without forgetting the data for the machine builder!

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The data necessary for the machine operation are located on the operator panel: alarms, statuses and measures necessary for checking correct operation.

The operator panel is too far from the recipients of the data. How to do?

Managers and maintainers are in continuous and frenetic movement inside and outside the company boundary. Only web technologies allow you to overcome distances. Smartphones and tablets are consolidated tools of work.

Here, from any place and at any time, the manager can see the performance indexes, the production manager can follow the progress of the lot, the expert resource can help the colleague without abandoning the meeting, the maintenance technician can check the timing and operating data, and finally the machine builder can collect data to design even more performing machines.

Even the operator terminal goes mobile: the operator can easily use a rugged device and move with it around the machine, see the measures close to where they were detected, issue commands and see closely the effects.

Other data can then flow bi-directionally to ERP, management systems and Cloud, collecting information useful for predictive maintenance.

Does this all seem complicated? now you can do it easily with xvisionIOT ! Extract more information and give more value to your machines. Find out how xvisionIOT helps managers, operators and machine builders to stay in touch with their data. Call Crickets to find out more.