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1 aprile 2016

We are 25 years old with the enthusiasm of a start up!

Crickets Automation celebrates its first 25 years of activity, a commitment that today reaches the "quarter century", marked by the continuous search for new solutions in the design and development of HMI / SCADA software.

Ideas, projects, products, solutions that make us proud of the great work done, the satisfaction of our customers and our people who have worked so hard, driven by an innate passion for technology.

We are always evolving ... overcome a challenge we immediately think of the next. We have 25 years of history, rich experience, but every day we face it with the same enthusiasm of a start-up: great desire to make and create new solutions that bring competitive advantages to our customers.

Our professional path, excellence, innovation

    1991 1991 April. A pioneer of supervision systems for personal computers - PhD Pietro Grilli, coming from a significant similar experience in IBM - founded a professional studio dedicated to the development of industrial supervision solutions. The first activities concern the complex consultancy for the supervision system of the expanding Milan Malpensa airport and at the same time the construction of the first version of its scada software, called True Vision.
    1992 The first version of True Vision is demonstrated to the first customers. It starts!
    1995 True Vision leaves the 16-bit platform to switch to the new Microsoft Windows 95 32-bit operating system.
    1997 The professional studio changes premises and becomes a company to better manage the changed needs of the business, in consideration of the success of its products.
    1999 The latest version of True Vision, 4.03 is released.
    2001We got a break in the product and its name is updated in X Vision, which will accompany the product to date. For the first time, web technologies (DHTML) are used in a scada system.
    2005 With X Vision 5, the product takes on a new IDE, a new graphics engine, and enhanced features.
    2007 Crickets introduces X Vision 6, a further evolution of its product.
    2008 X Vision is enhanced for the management of renewable energy.
    2011 Crickets releases the first version of its web client based on Microsoft Silverlight.
    2013 Another step ahead, here is version 7 of X Vision. With the One Button Project Check you can control the entire project with just one click.
    2014 March, the brand new web client is released, an innovative and truly multiplatform solution based on HTML5, SVG and Java script. X Vision can be viewed on any smartphone, tablet, desktop!
    2015 The first Android app for X Vision is created. It manages alarm notifications in real time and allows direct access to web client functionality.
    2016 Stay tuned…

The future

New projects are ready, especially oriented to the Web, Cloud and IIoT, technologies that Crickets reserves very carefully and it will play an increasingly strategic role in companies..
ur goal is to create safe solutions, able to best meet the needs of our customers, anticipating the technologies that will become market leaders. To always be one step further. Stay tuned!