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11 ottobre 2018

TIA Portal Tags Importer

X VISION and xvisionIOT yet more integrated with Siemens products

Crickets Automation announces the new tag importer, fully integrated with Siemens TIA Portal.

The new tool allows importing TIA Portal tags in X Vision projects. The software explores TIA Portal project, extracts information about tags and convert them in X Vision tags.

TIA Portal Importer keeps the X Vision tags synchronized with the corresponding TIA Portal tags.

An effective integration between different products, that dramatically reduces development time of Scada and IOT applications, at the same time simplifying supervisory and IOT projects configuration.

Thus, continues the path of simplification and optimization of Crickets products, with great benefit to our customers. Crickets Automation is constantly looking for solutions on the leading edge of technology and creates effective and easy-to-use products.

Software requirements:

  • TIA Portal v.15
  • X Vision 7.1
  • xvisionIOT (any platform)

Crickets Automation, ISV specialized in developing IIOT and Scada products, offers an unmatched. ecosystem of supervision products and IOT gateways. The ecosystem is composed of a family of web-oriented software, cross platform and hardware agnostic, characterized by a single configuration tool.

For further information please contact Crickets Automation.