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30 gennaio 2019

Diving inside xvisionIOT

Overview of the gateway architecture

The world of Internet of Things is in continuous and frenetic evolution and therefore also the gateways must be able to adapt quickly to the new scenarios of use. Only a truly open architecture can host new features immediately

xvisionIOT comes from a large project, designed to facilitate its continued growth even with the introduction of currently unforeseeable features.

It is absolutely essential to be able to upgrade or integrate new parts of the system without changing the structure of the product. The modular structure of xvisionIOT allows easy addition and upgrading of modules.

  • Communication drivers: data acquisition from field devices.
  • Cloud connectors: allow real-time transfer of information to cloud services.
  • sEWS (secure Embedded Web Server): publish HMI pages directly on the Web or on the Intranet.
  • MQTT Broker: transforms xvisionIOT into an edge computing appliance that can be queried and controlled by other nodes and / or MES systems.
  • OS abstraction layer: allows xvisionIOT to run on multiple operating systems / platforms

Finally, for those who need to go even further, here are the three key features for customizing the product:

  • Node-RED contribute: allows the system integration with Node-RED, to develop customized functions, benefiting from over 225,000 Node-RED plugins.
  • Custom extensions:custom features made by the user. Consent the verticalization of the product, ensuring at the same time the maximum optimization and execution speed of custom logic.
  • Scripting engine: powerful script for custom logic.

Key Point
Unlike other IOT solutions, xvisionIOT does not require any programming: it is easily configured by xEditor, our fast and integrated development environment.

xvisionIOT is a rapidly growing product. The diagram shown is indicative and has the sole purpose of representing the potential of the product. For availability of functions and for more information contact Crickets Automation.