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23 settembre 2018

xvisionIOT and IBM Node-RED

A more powerful IOT gateway for always connected machines.

Crickets Automation integrates nodeRed and further expands the possibilities of xvisionIOT for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Node-RED allows everyone to implement logic in a simple manner and build complex systems. No need for programming skill to get started: the logics are expressed with graphics flows of "nodes" linked together.

The new xvisionIOT contribute allows Node-RED to read and write xvision tags. In a simple way you can create logics, triggered by events, which implement actions such as writing on relational databases or sending MQTT messages, or even creating control logics.

xvisionIOT together with Node-RED allows you to build a more powerfull gateway for the Industry 4.0, supporting legacy operator panels and PLC, and exchanging data with ERP and MES.
Node-RED also allows you to create distributed logics, enabling xvisionIOT devices to communicate each other, building innovative logic between different machines.

Node-RED initially developed by IBM laboratories was then made open source in 2013, has quickly become a generic tool that can be expanded in every direction, and today it counts over 225,000 modules. Node-RED now is part of JS Foundation.

xvisionIOT developed by Crickets Automation is an open and universal gateway for IOT and industry 4.0. Based on the proven X Vision Scada technology, it is a cross platform / hardware agnostic solution, today available on several embedded hardware platforms.

For further information please contact Crickets Automation.