Data center

Monitored server room

Data centers are complex environments where it is important to acquire and record UPS statuses, alarms and temperature trends of air conditioning systems, control of lighting systems, interfacing with anti-intrusion and fire protection systems.

Customers require precise reports on the quality of the air conditioning, the energy supplied and the alarms occurred in the racks of their competence.

The punctual signaling of the alarms and the analysis of recorded operating data, help the operator to significantly reduce the costs of Disaster Recovery.

xvisionIOT helps the integrator gather this information, aggregate it and store it internally and transfer it to a reporting server.
All this in an extremely simple way: for example Modbus I / O modules can be easily connected on RS485 backbone rather than ethernet, and data cyclically collected by xvisionIOT.

xvisionIOT is supplied installed on Siemens IOT2040 hardware, a robust, reliable, CE and UL-certified hardware solution available globally.

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