Upgrading legacy machinery, extending life

"The retrofit consists in adding new technologies or functionalities to an old system, thus extending its useful life." ( Wikipedia )

It is possible to extend the useful life of a machine or plant by means of an adaptation, capable of detecting information not previously available, processing it, aggregating it, presenting it and distributing it online or in the cloud.

The adaptation can consist of adding new sensors or retrieving information from the existing plc, allowing:

  • acquire new information for analysis and optimization of operation
  • process and transfer data in the cloud or in the corporate network, for predictive maintenance, reports and statistics
  • avoid changes to the existing structure

xvsionIOT offers a flexible solution for acquiring and processing information, presenting it graphically on the web and recording data in the cloud. Legacy equipment, even if not equipped with its own electronics or obsolete and without documentation, can be equipped with sensors and easily monitored.

Siemens IOT2040 is a hardware gateway, low cost and available on a global level, which lends itself well to hosting the xvision software,

" Retrofitting capability You can simply integrate the SIMATIC IOT2000 into your existing plant. It is therefore an economic and safe alternative to completely retrofitting older machines. Retrofitting can also take place for individual machines. The proven SIMATIC quality assuring long-term operation in the rough industrial environment. "( Siemens )

The xvisionIOT software integrates the Siemens hardware solution, providing an immediate and easy-to-use processing tool for the integrator. No knowledge of C, Html5, Javascript or cloud programming is required.

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