Acquisition and processing of remote data

P> Telemetry is an information technology that allows the acquisition and processing of information collected at a remote site. Telemetry is supported by the remote control, ie the ability to remotely control.

xvisionIOT allows two-way remote control in real time, thanks to network and / or Internet connections.

xvisionIOT is based on Siemens IOT2040, a reliable hardware worldwide available.

Telemetry and telecontrol apply to large areas of automation, such as:
  • energy management (photovoltaic, windfarm, transformer cabins)
  • water management (lifting stations for aqueducts and underpasses, purifiers)
  • building (remote management of chain of stores, buildings)
  • environmental monitoring
  • agriculture
  • vending machine
  • appliances

Finally, the ability to notify alarms by email allows the operator to be alerted on their mobile device and, thanks to web access, view the status of the plant or machinery.

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