Crickets Web Appliance

Crickets Automation, thanks to the expertise acquired in over 25 years of business, offers a turnkey HMI / SCADA solution that integrates hardware and software, providing its customers with integrated web solutions for plant and machinery supervision .

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Web evolution

Based on the X Vision platform, standard supervisory software with solid SCADA and HMI bases created and implemented by Crickets Automation engineers, Web Appliance is a real device capable of acquiring, processing and distributing on the web states, alarms and measurements coming from the acquisition devices.

Access from every device

Smartphones, tablets and PCs may access, at any time and from anywhere, to the plant and machines HMI, receive alarm notifications by email and send commands, without having to download and install APP, software or depend on specific operating systems.

Customizable vector graphics

The screens are freely configurable and easily readable thanks to simple and clear graphics. The graphics are vector, based entirely on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), with the possibility of zooming (pinch) on touch screen devices.

Energy saving

X Vision Web Appliance is a professional equipment based on particular industrial hardware that guarantees continuity of service and extremely low energy consumption.

Use cases

The X Vision Web Appliance can be used in all supervision applications where it is necessary to acquire and process data locally and allow remote access. Plants, monitoring of equipment, pumping stations, aqueducts, gas, public utilities, windfarm, photovoltaics, home automation and building management, Internet of Things, vending machines are just a few examples among the endless possibilities of using X Vision Web Appliance.