All the support you need

Crickets Automation pays great attention to the satisfaction of its customers, at every stage of the development of their applications. That is why we always offer efficient and professional support, from pre-sales to development and installation up to post-sales.

Quality support

X Vision is a product completely developed by Crickets Automation, so our staff has full knowledge of the product itself and is able to provide high quality support with great efficiency.

How to get support

Technical support for our products is provided in various ways. The customer can freely choose the mode most suited to their needs and we can also customize the service according to customer needs.
The support is related to the use of the product, that is addressed to solve configuration problems and to give indications about the available functions. Consulting and training are ancillary services offered separately.


In order to provide the best and fastest possible support, we have provided IT tools for case management (Case or Incident). With these tools we can offer a better service, more efficient and personal thanks to the history of the issues addressed.

Standard support

Standard Support, free of charge, provides for the submission of questions by e-mail ( with an answer within three working days (excluding closing periods). Through these mode we can guarantee maximum speed of service. Standard support is offered free of charge by Crickets in the first 12 months from the date of purchase of the license.

Telephone support for each case

This phone support formula provides a cost per call (case). Support is provided for a single problem at a fixed cost if resolved within one hour. The performance charge will not take place if the reported problem is due to product malfunction.

Service contracts

For specific requirements it is possible to sign up telephone support contracts or buy support for a single problem.
The telephone support is provided Monday through Friday (holidays, weekends and closures excluded), in the following hours: MON-FRI 9: 30-12: 30 and 14: 30-17: 30 (public holidays, before public holidays and excluding closures)
Tel. +39 0322836020 +390322846938

Technical support via the Internet

To provide faster and more efficient support, Cricket Automation has set up a remote assistance service. In a few seconds we can connect to your machine and take control of it as if it were in our offices: in this way we can solve your problems faster.


Crickets Automation is able to provide technical advice with highly qualified personnel. For more information contact the sales office.

Online manuals and guides

Online manuals and guides are the primary source for finding information and examples. And 'in this way you can quickly resolve many questions in standalone mode.

Service Pack and patch

Crickets Automation periodically releases service updates and patches, which can be downloaded for free from the site or sent via email.


We care about the needs of our customers and do everything to satisfy them! If you have a suggestion or a criticism do not hesitate to let us know, it will always be positively evaluated.