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We are a team of engineers and developers with great experience who since 1991 has been passionately creating automation software.

An all-Italian company

Crickets Automation is a company with Italian capital, which develops and manufactures in Italy. Every single project is designed and built in-house and we pay great attention to the customer from pre-sales to installation up to after-sales.

A valuable partnership

We offer a real partnership, thanks to which we assist our customer in all phases of the development of their supervision projects, from product configuration to specialist advice to the development of custom functionalities.

Passion for technology and innovation

We spend a lot of time and resources on emerging technologies and technology trends. The engine of our company is the great passion for technology and this same passion allows us to design and implement innovative and practical solutions.

Quality of our products

The quality of our software is evidenced by the many installations that have been made over the years and the satisfaction that our customers show us. Passion and rigorous approach allow us to develop solid, easy to use and performing products.

Independent Software Vendor

We are an independent manufacturer (ISV) of industrial 4.0 software.
Our products are designed and manufactured completely in Italy; our company is private capital and we do not depend on any manufacturer.

New supervisory concept

The world is increasingly connected, resources are increasingly mobile, the Internet is an integral part of our work. This is why we create and develop new Industry 4.0 software products oriented towards the web and mobility, which shorten distances and increase collaboration, with interfaces accessible at any time, in any place and from any device.

Customer First

We pay great attention to the requests and needs of our customers and constantly invest in IT tools that allow us to optimize our activities and provide the best CRM.
Thanks to the main partners (HP, Microsoft and Cisco) it was possible to implement flexible and integrated VoIP and Intranet telephony systems (MS Sharepoint), which allow a dynamic management of the company, able to adapt quickly to any new need for business.

We listen to the client

It all starts with dialogue with the customer

The customer uses our product and benefits from it. This work leads the customer to understand more than any other what are the functionalities that may improve its work and the quality of the result. On the other hand, we want the customer to get the maximum benefit and maximum satisfaction from our products. For this reason our efforts are focused on understanding, even through interviews, the needs of our customers, their difficulties and what they want.

Passion and competence

Technological challenges can be overcome thanks to competence but only together with a great passion for technology. Passion is the thread that guides us and always helps in the ideation, design and implementation of all our software. We want our product to meet and exceed the needs of our customers!

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