legacy machinery - Soluzione macchinari pre-industria 4.0

The XVision Data Hub solution for pre-Industry 4.0 machinery

In today’s manufacturing context, integrating advanced technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity is crucial. Even if the machinery in use is not directly compatible with Industry 4.0 principles, innovative solutions like the “XVision DataHub” system with onboard machine terminals and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for retrofitting can bring significant benefits. This solution allow overcoming the limitations of traditional (pre-Industry 4.0) machinery through smart automation and digitalization of processes. Below, I will describe the main advantages of this solution.

Sending Production Orders Directly to the Machine Panel

This feature enables smooth and direct communication between the planning department and the production line. Work orders can be sent in real time to the machine terminal, reducing waiting times and communication errors.

Visualization of the Part to be Produced

The onboard machine terminals can display detailed technical drawings or work instructions, ensuring that the operator has immediate access to all the information needed to produce the part. This reduces the risk of errors and improves the quality of the finished product.

Recording of the Start and End Time of the Work Order (WO)

The ability to accurately record the start and end times of each work order facilitates productivity tracking and processing time analysis. These data are crucial for process optimization and production cost reduction.

Recording of Breaks and Their Causes

Monitoring production interruptions and their causes allows for quick identification and resolution of bottlenecks or process issues. Recording causal breaks helps improve overall efficiency and reduce downtime.

Management of the WIP (Work In Progress) Area

Integration with the warehouse management system allows for automated stock management and timely calling of the material needed for production. This ensures that the production line always has the necessary resources available, minimizing delays and improving logistical efficiency.


Adopting this solution bridges the technological gap between legacy machinery and the requirements of Industry 4.0, significantly improving the flexibility, efficiency, and transparency of production processes. Furthermore, it represents a strategic investment towards the digitalization of the enterprise, capable of generating sustainable competitive advantages over time.

The retrofitting PLC is a solution that enhances legacy (pre-Industry 4.0) machinery. The entire PLC plus X Vision software system meets the requirements for obtaining Industry 4.0 incentives.

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