Software for industry 4.0 operator panel


XVision.HMI is the 4.0 on-machine supervision and control solution, to build effective operator interfaces for an improved user experience.


XVision.HMI provides native interfacing with factory 4.0 systems, through the main industry standard communication protocols:


The construction of the supervision pages is done in visual form through vector graphic objects and a large library of over 1200 professional symbols. You can build your own symbols and store them for future use.


The pages can also be viewed via the web, using a common browser, thanks to the adoption of international Internet standards such as HTML5, SVG and Javascript.

Historian, Trend, Export

The system records machine data via datalogger and Historian modules, and allows a graphical analysis of the recorded data.
Historian allows the user to create and recall configurations of pens at runtime, and to analyze the data in detail thanks to the functions of zoom and continuous panning.
The data can then be exported to .CSV files for post processing.


Thanks to a powerful expression editor it is possible to perform calculations with boolean, mathematical, logarithmic and trigonometric operations on the collected data.


The software will inform you in real time about any critical situations that require your attention.
Notifications are forwarded via email and text messages.


Historicized data from XVision.HMI can be viewed and distributed as reports. The report engine allows you to view data, aggregate them, display them through charts of multiple types, manage sub-reports, barcodes, …
Reports can be generated in the background and sent via email to a list of recipients.

Runtime + Design time

You can configure the software while it is running. Seamlessly changes are immediately visible at Runtime, eliminating the annoying steps to switch from the configuration environment to the execution one.

One Button Project Check

Checking the project has never been easier! Just click to find references to objects that no longer exist, locate references immediately in their configurators and correct them.


XVision.HMI provides multiple diagnostic tools for project debugging. For example, drivers provide information about communication status, each module provides specific guidance about errors and overload.


The XVision.EDGE configuration is performed using the platform editor, common to all editions of the software.
The platform editor works seamlessly, that is, with the same modes and functions, on all the modules that make up the XVision suite. This allows a significant reduction in learning time and a faster realization of projects.


If your application requires special customizations, you can use Microsoft’s VB.NET scripts to build the necessary logics and interfaces.
Alternatively, the XVision SDK (Software Development Kit) is available for you to develop with.

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