Machines interconnection , as simple as a database table


With XVision.HUB you break down the barriers between business databases, creating unified views across systems and integrating real-time data


Data Silos

Each system (MES, ERP, PLM, …) solves specific problems and creates its own database, as if it were contained in a silos. Aggregating information from multiple databases is a task that is normally solved by programming, with long lead times and costs.


Data Unification

XVision.HUB provides Unified Data Management, that is, the ability to simultaneously view real-time data and business data from multiple systems.

Industrial Application Generator

It’s the heart of the system: without programming knowledge IAG allows the visual construction of industrial Apps, visible on the web without any deployment. Just a normal browser and all the data is available on your fingertips.

Dashboard, Analytics and web report on demand

Powerful data analysis tools can be built quickly thanks to fast prototyping and change-on-demand capabilities. Data views can be created and edited “on demand”, quickly to keep up with fast business changes.

Historian allows the user to create and recall configurations of pens at runtime, and to analyze the data in detail thanks to the functions of zoom and continuous panning.

The data can then be exported to .CSV formatted files for post processing.


XVision.EDGE not only allows you to create data views, but also to configure your own database to insert, edit and delete information directly from dashboards in the web.

Here you can create lists of objects (such as machines, assets), data entry forms (e.g. notes, machine data, maintenance), build a knowledge base, sharing information with colleagues, etc.


XVision.Hub promotes and increases collaboration between people. The data entered are shared immediately, knowledge is amplified and shared. Operational benefits are easily imaginable.

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